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Course TitleDesigned forDescription
Visionary Strategy for Leaders
  • Senior Management

  • Business Owners

  • Business Unit Heads
To set a clear strategy, requires the right lens. This one-day course will give you insight into your default planning style, and discover better ways of making plans with strategic purpose.
BreakThrough StrategyTM
  • Ad agencies (including in-house agencies)

  • Marketing departments of corporates

  • Production and media houses
If you and your team are stuck with strategy, chances are you just haven’t broken through into the new paradigm for planning. Let me show you how to power through, in an insightful, informative and enjoyable day. That’s all it takes. One day in-house.
Referrals Masterclass

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Realtors - from rookies to roosters.A two-hour masterclass to learn the crucial role that social capital plays in ensuring a healthy stock pipeline.
BeyondraisingTMNGO’s with advancement officesSustainability marketing for NGO’s, including the role of Case Briefs.
BreakThrough StrategyTM for Chamber of Commerce Execs
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This course is ideally suited to the executive, their management and key operational staff of Chambers of Commerce. This course will be particularly beneficial for those who embrace the changed paradigm of our environment and are open to seeing things through a new strategic lens. It is not for the individual wanting to learn the basics of vision, mission, SWOT etc – those can be learnt in a basic strategy course – but for executives who want to tackle the raw realities of strategic change, with a deep understanding of the very foundation of strategic thought and action.

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