“Sid Peimer just loves strategy. And after hearing him speak, so will you.” 


 Sid treats the practice of strategy as an exciting exploration filled with
fascinating discoveries. Listening to Sid is like an entrancing campfire yarn encompassing three elements: stories from his experience, empirical evidence (the truth) and a dash of stand-up. 


A Forrest Gump form of strategy. Seriously.

Everyone needs a Gump in their life. Even Forrest had Mama, and he had this to say about her:

“Mama always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them.”


Sid Peimer is pretty much a reductionist (or, as he would say – like Mama, I need to understand it first). For instance, explain this Forrestism:

“Stupid is as stupid does”.

You can’t can you? Well, it means that an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid. You are what you do.

“With Sid, life is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re going to get, but you’re certain to enjoy the experience.”

Below are just some of the themes that Sid has added to his strategic insights:

Strategy Unplugged

An entertaining exploration of strategy, removing the enigma, and opening your eyes to the elegant art and science of strategy.

Pitch Secrets

What you need to know about winning pitches. From the author of the Sunday Times featured Business Book of the Week now on Amazon here.

The philosophy of Entrepreneurship

It’s time someone told us the truth about entrepreneurship. Sid shines a light onto the myths of the startup and reveals the real ingredients for success. 

You are not alone: the Power of Networks

Although we all have unique networks, many of us don’t know how to use them – whether for profit, purpose or pleasure.


Various keynotes and bespoke talks for specific occasions, such as award ceremonies and gala dinners.

Reasons to brief Sid


Client Comments

Erik Vermeulen - Ridgeline

“Anyone can regurgitate content from books into presentations, but very few can create a spell-bounding narrative driven by their own experience while weaving solid researched-based practice into a presentation that will leave you with great insights while also occasionally rolling in the aisles. Sid is one of those speakers. Because he’s not a speaker. He’s an innovative strategist who speaks like a rockstar and consistently delivers insights out of left field. Book him – you will not regret it.

Erik Vermeulen

Behavioural Strategist & Adventurer, Ridgeline

Great delivery by Sid Peimer this afternoon for our core team at Africa Reach Group on ‘Philosophy of Entrepreneurship’ which then also ran into some discussion on the concepts of Strength of Weak Ties (SWT) and Structural Holes.

Please do yourself a favour and look up these concepts regardless of your industry and profession.

Thank you, Sid.

Russell Mark Julius

MD, Africa Reach Group

“THANK YOU, your talk was brilliant! I found it refreshing, inspiring, insightful and we all learned a lot. A valuable session!”

Lisa Sandler

ORT Jet, Cape Town

“Sid, you always delivered a lot of surprises, way over and beyond brief. I don’t think any of our clients really understood who they were messing with – but they always got more than they paid for. Tons of value and Great memories thank you!”

Tim Wright

Consultant Marketing Manager (BSO) , BDO South Africa