BreakThrough Strategy TM for Chamber of Commerce Execs

The sustainability of voluntary membership organisations is under immense pressure worldwide. The nature of voluntarism has changed, and the meaning of being socially connected has also altered dramatically. Our revenue generators, inclusive of dues, events and sponsorship are on somewhat of a rollercoaster, hurtling us towards a future – one that the founders of the Chamber movement could never have imagined. Our approach to strategy has to change for us to ensure sustainability – and to thrive and grow.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideally suited to the executive, their management and key operational staff of Chambers of Commerce. It will be particularly beneficial for those who embrace the changed paradigm of our environment and are open to seeing things through a new strategic lens. It is not for the individual wanting to learn the basics of vision, mission, SWOT etc – those can be learnt in a basic strategy course – but for executives who want to tackle the raw realities of strategic change, with a deep understanding of the very foundation of strategic thought and action.


One day, in-person, virtual or hybrid.


Interactive lecture, group work and preparatory task (of one hour). This course is not pre-recorded, providing added value via live delegate interaction.


09:00Welcome and introductions.
The philosophical epistemology of Chamber performance.
09:15Effectuation, Real Options Reasoning, Bricolage and other strategies to mitigate socioeconomic headwinds.
09:45Your personal strategic lens – how you see the world in terms of strategy (you will also receive personal feedback on your survey submission). We will then discuss your own Strategic Philosophy and its ‘fit’ with today’s environment.
11:00The big three strategic concepts:
  • Positioning

  • Segmentation

  • Member behavioural economics: Insight generation (including the role of peer-reviewed research in our future-oriented strategies, and available tools for qualitative data mining).
13:00Deliberate strategies are easy to sell to the Board – not so with emergent strategies. Why, and what can we/should we do about it?
14:00Networking under uncertainty, the strength of weak ties and the importance of structural holes.
15:00Optimising the Chamber revenue portfolio mix.
16:00Parking lot and review.

Benefits of this course

Strategic Dexterity

There is a new requirement from Chamber operations: strategic dexterity. However, without a deep appreciation of the very foundations of strategic thought, this can become a scramble for ‘something’ as opposed to a feeling of control and some certainty.

Contemporary Planning Skills

Planning with existing means and methods is 2.0 thinking in a 3.0 world. Meeting today’s challenges requires we look beyond the outdated methods and tools whereby we had the luxury of producing outputs such as a five-year plan. In the past, we had a somewhat predictable and stable environment. But no longer.


You will receive guidance to produce strategies in a VUCA world that are Valuable. Rare, Inimitable and supported by the Organisation (VRIO).

Greater Propensity for Execution and Efficacy

Implementation has always been the Achilles Heel of strategy. With a newfound perspective on strategy (and your own strategic style), the propensity for buy-in and successful execution becomes that much greater.


$99 per delegate. Successful completion includes certification.

FREE: You are not alone: The Art and Science of Networking – a free 20 minute resource you can download – and we will white label it for you with your top and tail – at no charge!! A crucial video to use at your onboarding event.

The Trainer

Sid Peimer has over 20 years’ strategy experience in sectors as diverse as FMCG, logistics, healthcare, IT and more. His strategies have been successfully applied across a range of sectors, from global brands to startups; public sector to NGO’s; FMCG to ICT. And lots more. He is a prolific speaker, teacher, thinker and writer – with valuable learnings gift-wrapped in his unique style of challenging, yet enjoyable engagement. He is also credited with the turnaround of the Cape Chamber of Commerce – labelled as ‘not a going concern’ in 2015, to a respected and robust organisation serving the private sector. An accomplishment that becomes that much more impressive when achieved in a country that saw its currency devalued to one-seventeenth of the dollar. For a recent video reference on his Chamber performance, click here. For more on Sid, visit his LinkedIn profile here.