Referrals Masterclass.

How to build stock with social capital: the new world of entrepreneurial networking.

In retail we say stock sells stock. In realty (and reality), if you don’t have stock, there’s nothing to sell. Your source of stock depends on a number of factors, but there is one element that stands out above all else: your social capital.

Join us for a two-hour masterclass on the importance, misperceptions and knowledge required to build up social capital to give you the listings you need. You will learn about the Strength of Weak Ties and Structural Holes – just two crucial concepts for building up the social capital needed for a healthy stock pipeline. After these two hours, you will never see your world in the same way again.

Who is this course for?

Because the entire ecosystem of property and the social lanscape has changed so much since Covid, this course is suited to both the rookie and experienced estate agent. It is the environment that has changed – we could all see the challenge with a fresh lens. Although the motivated sales agent with a resilient mindset may have been the ingredients for success, today the value of social capital has become the paramount attribute. Build that and your stock pipeline builds itself.


7 September 2022


10:00 – 12:00


Virtual: Zoom

CPD Points

2 non-verifiable points for personal / professional category

Course Content

  • What’s real and what’s realty?
  • Cold, warm and hot calling.
  • The social realm of the realtor – tech and touch.
  • Instrumental networking – why its different.
  • Network paradigms and how to break them.
  • Granovetter’s SWT theory.
  • Burt’s Structural Holes.
  • The relationship between motivation and lay beliefs.
  • The knowing-doing gap.
  • Our lay beliefs that work against us.
  • Boosting your social capital with an Entrepreneurial Orientation.


R500 IEASA Members and R650 Non-Members

How to book

Visit the course page on the IEASA website here


The Trainer

Sid Peimer is one of the country’s leading strategists. Sid has had an incredibly varied career, firstly as a pharmacist, then changing gears completely to become an advertising copywriter, then a strategic planner, and has recently stepped down after seven years as the CEO of the Cape Chamber of Commerce. He has an MBA from UCT and is widely published on all matters strategic. In addition to consulting and training, Sid is a popular keynote speaker, appreciated for his unique insights and refreshing authenticity. He is the Paarl 1972 Coca-Cola Yo-Yo Champion – for the record.