Relax – Let me do the heavy lifting.

Strategy is an enigma – further complicated by various interpretations (that few agree on) and expectations (that are seldom met).

That does not have to be the case.

With Stratplanning, you get focus, clarity and control – giving you the ability to embrace planning and have a healthier relationship with the entire strategic process, including implementation. Not to mention the excitement that comes from seeing strategy through a curious, clear and creative lens.

I can get you there.

Strategic Solutions for Private Sector, Government and NGO’s. 

Sid Peimer

Me, in a nutshell

I have applied my three core values tenaciously for over 20 years, expanding perceptions and creating breakthrough strategies:


to find out why.


to get to the relevant issues – separate symptoms from problems.


to discover unique solutions.

I wholeheartedly subscribe to these words that appear in Khahil Gibran’s 1923 poem ‘The Prophet’:

Work is love made visible.

That, in combination with my values, is what I’m all about. So I’m pretty wysiwyg.